Johnnie l. cochran, jr. 

In Emeritus

Attorney Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. is recognized as an outstanding trial lawyer, civil libertarian and philanthropist throughout the world. In 1966, he founded the law firm of Cochran, Atkins and Evans, and earned a reputation as an outstanding trial lawyer. In 1981 after a stint as prosecutor, he returned to private practice under the firm name, Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr., Inc. He is the only attorney, ever, in Los Angeles, to receive both the “Criminal Trial Lawyer of the Year” Award and the “Civil Trial Lawyer of the Year” Award. Over the years he continued to negotiate record settlements, including a settlement for $7.125 million dollars for Abner Louima. Mr. Cochran’s national law firm of Cochran, Cherry, Givens & Smith, P.C. is America’s largest plaintiff tort law firm. The firm now has offices in several states with dozens of lawyers devoted to civil trial litigation. Mr. Cochran, along with his new partners, has been recognized by the renowned legal publication, The National Law Journal, as an outstanding trial lawyer. Mr. Cochran attended more than thirty Super Bowls during his life and was a fan of the Rams and the Raiders.

Along with attorney Cyrus Mehri, Mr. Cochran co-authored the report, Black Coaches in the National Football League: Superior Performance, Inferior Opportunities. Mr. Cochran received countless awards for his service to the community and his unparalleled skill as a trial lawyer.

Mr. Cochran passed away on March 29, 2005. He is survived by his wife, Dr. Dale Mason Cochran, his father, Johnnie L. Cochran, Sr. and three children, Melodie, Tiffany and Jonathan.